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 TOP12 Basketball

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The T12 (Top 12) Program is an elite player identification program that selects, showcases, and honors the best players in the nation.

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Identifying Potential TOP12 Athletes

Athletes will undergo a series of test on intangibles like hand size, wingspan and phyiscal attributes such as vertical jump. These measurements are tailored to mimic the measurements commonly used in evaluating high level amateur college and professional athletes. 

*T12 Registration is open to all players ages 8 - 15 who want to measure up to a changing game. 

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TOP12 Showcase Events

At the T12, athletes will be led through an NBA-style combine, skills training session, and live scrimmages to put their talents on display. 

Selecting The TOP12

After the TOP12 Showcase, Evaluators will select the TOP12 athletes in each grade and gender division, forming the year's TOP12 class.

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Measuring Up To A Changing Game. 

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